Costa Rica 2014: Arriving in Puerto Jiménez

Having gotten through my first day off-schedule with more grace than anticipated, this morning I set out for Puerto Jimenez. There were some tears at the airport when I realized that I apparently left my debit card in the ATM at that same airport yesterday, but I was able to immediately contact my mom who then called the bank and blocked it from unauthorized use, in case someone snatched it out of the machine before it timed out and swallowed it. Out of all of my travel drama this far, this is probably the worst, as it will make it very difficult to access cash for the rest of the trip. Nothing is without remedy, though, and I’m sure I’ll figure something out. If nothing else, I could always play the Reality Bites game at the hotels I stay at, like Winona Ryder working that gas card her parents gave her for her college graduation. I have enough cash to last me a couple days, at least, and hopefully by the time that runs out I’ll come up with a plan to secure some more. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, this morning’s highlight was my flight from Alajuela to a Puerto Jimenez. The plane that took us there looked more like a toy than a real plane – it was so small it was actually difficult to board and squeeze into the seats. Luckily there only 9 of us to fill the cozy 12 seats, so we weren’t packed in there too tight. Being such a small plane, it was a bumpy ride, to say the least, but it was also absolutely gorgeous.

image      image

image      image

image      image


I’m now at Cabinas Jimenez, my home base for the next three days. I have a waterfront cabin that is absolutely beautiful, and the view of the ocean from my little private deck is incredible. I’ve already seen some tropical birds and lizards, and I’ve heard what sounds to be some pretty large parrots, though I haven’t spotted those yet. There are also a few dogs who call Cabinas Jimenez home, thanks to the girlfriend (Janina) of the guy who works at the front desk. She single-handedly runs the only animal rescue on Osa Peninsula, and does amazing work rescuing, spaying and neutering, fostering and then finally adopting out the animals she takes in. She tells me that so far she has rescued over 50 dogs and cats, and hopes to expand her operation quite a bit more, provided she can get the funding she needs to do so. For information on how to help her achieve that goal, see her Facebook page “Adopciones Peninsula de Osa,” which should include links to her fundraising site. I’ll also post all of this information on my own Facebook page.

After taking a little nap on my patio hammock and meeting some of the guests at CJ, I’m off to find some food and start exploring the area. Cash continues to be a concern, but the guy working the front desk thinks he might be able to help me out if there are any guests who pay for their rooms in cash rather than credit. See, my Reality Bites plan might just pan out after all!! Thank you, Winona Ryder, for the idea that just might save my vacation 🙂

image      image

image     image


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