Perú 2015: Arte y Bioferia en Miraflores

On Saturdays in the Miraflores district, a farmer’s market is held along the edges of Parque Reducto between 8:00-2:30, and I had heard that it was not to be missed. Having taken a MUCH closer look at my area map after my experience walking to Kennedy Park, I found that I could follow Avenida Grau – an arterial road but a very safely walkable one, too – all the way to Parque Reducto, so I set out around noon, once the morning chill had lifted from the air.

Parque Reducto itself was beautiful, those my photos don’t do it justice. This is at the entrance of the park, a ways away from the market. By the time I got to the far park of the park, where all the people were gathered, I forgot to take more pictures. Sorry!

IMG_2185      IMG_2184


I realized I was wearing the t-shirt I had bought to support my friend Andrea’s daughter’s recent trip to Mexico, so I snapped a quick shot to send to them later that afternoon. Happy birthday, Lily!!


The market was great – essentially, it was composed of a long block of vendors set up in a line against the gates running along one side of the park. There were organic grains, legumes, and flours galore, alongside handmade jewelry, locally harvested honey, lovingly made toys and a tempting array of snacks and drinks.



I opted for a slice of blueberry tart and a black coffee. I figure I walked far enough to get here to deserve that much, right? I also bought a sweet little stuffed anteater that I couldn’t resist. I think I’ll name him Andy.


As is local custom, I went to sit for a while in the park to enjoy my snack and do a little people watching. Again, no pics – that pie was gooooooood.

After spending a little time in Parque Reducto, where I ran into my gregarious Airbnb host, Francesco, I set out for the more central part of Miraflores. There were a few galleries that had exhibits I wanted to see, and hey! they were right next door to Kennedy Park, so I could swing by and give my little kitty friends a pat while I was in the neighborhood. “Stellar,” the exhibit at the Luis Miró Quesada Garland gallery, was provocative in a disturbing, apocalyptic sort of way. The use of physical spce was really interesting, and the rocks and other bits of detritus strewn around the gallery floors was really cool.

IMG_2194      IMG_2195


After walking around the exhibit for a while, I was ready to get back into bustling Miraflores and to my favorite part of Lima thus far. I had brought some chicken to feed the cats (I have no problem acting the part of the crazy cat lady, in case you didn’t know) and spent an hour or so meandering through the park and talking with the people I met there. I ran into Sergio, the geologist I had met the day before, and chatted with him for a while, and then I met Katia, a contortionist/illusionist in her early 40s who was VERY excited to practice her English with a native speaker.

We talked for a while, and she jotted down some new words and phrases in her notebook. Tracing one of the flowers on my arm with her finger, she then confided in me that she had no tattoos herself, but had secretly always wanted a flower tattooed on her vagina. “Wouldn’t it be great?” she asked? “Can’t you just see it? Right on my PUSSY!” she exclaimed, and slapping my leg and giggling in delight. “If only it wouldn’t hurt so bad, or be so permanent…” she said. “What can I do?” Whoa, Katia. That took a weird turn. So, I told her about the wonders of henna (because, you know, why not help a sister out, right?), politely extricated myself from the conversation, before it went somewhere else I wasn’t interested in going, and set out for home, with Andy’s cute little anteater nose poking out of my bag. This time, I walked all the way there actually knowing where I was. Not a bad place to be in the middle of my first week, huh?


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